Friday, January 5, 2018

Some Music I Liked In 2017

Favorite Albums

Alex Cameron: Forced Witness
Written from the perspective of the detestable human beings Alex Cameron encountered while working in a government building,  Forced Witness is full of as many brilliant turns of phrases as it is wildly uncomfortable pronouns. "You made a meme out of my legacy, darling," just might be the perfect line to deliver in and encapsulate 2017.

Father John Misty: Pure Comedy
Love him or hate him, Father John Misty creates a persona that elicits a strong response from his audience. I fall into the camp that can't get enough of his crooning and his live show was one of my favorites all year. Although, I'll never view Oculus the same way.

LCD Soundsystem: American Dream
As much as I enjoyed American Dream, I'm just as happy LCD Soundsystem came out of retirement to deliver one of my favorite festival performances of all time. Now my greatest memory of LCD won't have to be drinking whiskey sours alone in a basement while watching their "farewell" show on my laptop.

The National: Sleep Well Beast
Their seventh and latest album is my favorite The National album to-date. And I may not be alone. In Sleep Well Beast, The National tied or reached their highest chart positions all around the world, with the exception of Sweden. Maybe that got wine drunk and peed on a couch in IKEA? They have some work to do to reclaim Swedish hearts.


Favorite Tracks

It was a light year for me in finding new music I loved, which is reflected in my four-album favorites list and my 30-track list above. Nevertheless, I always managed to find something new and exciting.


Favorite .gifs From Music Videos I Liked

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