Friday, November 3, 2017

Some Music I Liked This Week


Self-described as "sludgy, jangly pop," this group from Boston lives up to their phonetically-spelled German name. Vundabar indeed wonderful. "Acetone" will appear on their next album Smell Smoke, which is out sometime early next year.



This song isn't new or anything, but didn't realize how much I loved it until Spoon released this music video last week.

The Photoshop-inspired video also brings back frond memories of using the "liquify" tool to death by creating a collage of misshapen classmates on our high school journalism class wall (easy to do when you have access to the yearbook photos). It was a real work of art that the world wasn't ready for as evidenced by the media center staff tearing them down overnight and leaving a small note in the collage's place: stop wasting our toner.

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