Friday, January 27, 2017

Some Music I Liked This Week

Arcade Fire

No word on whether or not "I Give You Power" will end up on the new, rumored Arcade Fire album, but they already win the "Best Use of Mavis Staples in 2017 Award" with this track. If this is the direction for the new album, I'm cool with it. All of the proceeds from this song go to the ACLU.


Sondre Lerche

If you follow Sondre Lerche, you're already familiar with his well-chronicled divorce. And while I'm no psychologist, not even an amateur one, Lerche still seems to be toiling over the experience with his new material. Who could blame him? Either that, or he just wanted a good excuse to show off his buns. More power to him.


White Reaper

One: I appreciate this clever and nostalgic (stress inducing) lyric video. Two: is White Reaper having fun when they named their upcoming album The World’s Best American Band? Because their last album was filled front-to-band with catchy pop-rock tunes and "Judy French" picks up right where they left off. At this point, I'm almost willing to believe them.


Some More Stuff

LISTEN || Father John Misty: Pure Comedy (YouTube) ... Six-and-a-half-minute poem about current affairs.

STREAM || Our First 100 Days (Bandcamp) ... Songs for a cause.

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