Friday, December 9, 2016

Some Music I Liked This Week

Xiu Xiu

Thanks to my coworker John, I finally learned how to pronounce Xiu Xiu (shoo shoo). I find it counterproductive for bands to choose phonetically ambiguous names, because their new fans may lack the confidence to make recommendations to friends for fear of being wrong (see: !!!). But now that I can confidently pronounce Xiu Xiu, here's my recommendation: click on "Wondering" and get down.


Tim Darcy

Ought was my favorite new band of 2014 and they delivered on their hype when I saw them live at Pitchfork Music Festival last summer. Unbeknownst to me until a few days ago, their lead singer, Tim Darcy, has been working on a solo record. Saturday Night is due out in mid-February. I wouldn't call Ought an approachable band, so for those of you who weren't on the bandwagon, I think you'll find Darcy's solo music more accessible.


Strand of Oaks

Also on my favorites of 2014 list was Strand of Oaks. They are releasing a new album in February called Hard Love. Tim Showalter just knows how to pen a hook that I want to belt out in the car. He also writes some pretty entertaining "reviews" for The Talkhouse.


sir Was

I'm not really sure how to categorize this one. Part soul, part hip-hop, part indie-something? sir Was is the product of Joel W√§stberg, a Swedish musician who's set to release his debut album, Digging A Tunnel, in March of next year.


Active Bird Community

Is it just me or does this track art look like a younger version of the actor who played young Josh in Big? Also, I hope that the band members truly are part of an Active Bird Community. That sounds like an exciting thing. Their album Stick Around is due out in late January.

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