Friday, July 29, 2016

Some Music I Liked This Week

Chris Farren

I'm sorry if you're singing, "Say that you want me," over and over and over again after listening to this track. Chris Farren is providing power-pop at its finest. His album, Can't Die, is out in early September.


Alex Cameron

If the comparisons hadn't already been made between Alex Cameron and Bruce Springsteen, I would have sworn that I was onto something (I'm also sensing some Win Butler). Either way, the vocal tone is uncanny. This tune doesn't really hit a climax, but it's entertaining all the same. Jumping The Shark is out next month.


Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

The Hamilton Leithauser-led The Walkmen are no more and Rostam left Vampire Weekend, but thankfully neither musician has abandoned the biz. Maybe without all of that free time, we wouldn't have been graced with this collaboration. Count your blessings.

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