Friday, March 4, 2016

Some Music I Liked This Week


Bury Me At Makeout Creek by Mitski was one of my favorite albums of 2014. My familiarity with the album also brought me a lot of joy when viewing this episode of The Simpsons (she all but confirmed the inspiration). Her next release, Puberty 2, is out this June. And while the lead single gives me a lot of hope for the record, the idea of going through a second puberty makes me anxious.


Modern Baseball

While the purists bemoan technology's impact on modern baseball, they probably wouldn't have much of an opinion on Philadelphia's Modern Baseball. My opinion: home run! Their new album, Holy Ghost, is due out in mid-May.



"Do It, Try It", the lead single from the forthcoming M83 album, Junk, starts out equally as bizarre as its album artwork. But if you make it to :34, you'll be as delighted by the song as you are by the bizarre artwork. Junk is out this April.


Frightened Rabbit

While Frightened Rabbit may never release another record that equals or surpasses The Midnight Organ Flight's place in my heart, I'll always be on board with what's next. There's just something about the tone of Scott Hutchison's voice and his ability to write heart-wrenching anthems and ballads. My only beef is that he snuck a solo album by me in 2014 under the name Owl John. I didn't hear about it until almost a year after its release. Frightened Rabbit's fifth studio album, Painting of a Panic Attack, is out this April.


Attic Abasement

"Guarantee Jesus" is the lead single from Dream News by Attic Abasement, which is due out this spring. I could dissect the lyrics to uncover Mike Rheinheimer's meaning of "Guarantee Jesus", but I like to imagine it as a film set in a sleepy, rural town where a modern-day Jesus, who goes by Josh, works at Walmart. His calm, modest demeanor and kind heart go unnoticed an unappreciated amongst the selfishness of the store's employees and patrons until he ultimately sacrifices himself to save the film's antagonist during an attempted robbery.

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