Friday, February 19, 2016

Some Music I Liked This Week

Animal Collective

In a week that started with me helping Brady live-tweet the Grammys, it's only fitting that I share this new Animal Collective track that starts with a Golden Girls soundbite. Their new album, Painting With, is out today to mixed reviews, but at least you can download their trippy painting app and enjoy a few catchy tunes, regardless of what critics say.



Even my throat starts to hurt as I listen to Ellery James Roberts wail this tune, but the former WU LYF lead singer delivers an impassioned performance that makes "I&I" the ear worm of the week. I'm not sure if LUH. has plans for a new release, but you can try to decipher that code on their website.


Head Wound City

Things get intense at just the right pace on this new track from Head Wound City, a group featuring members of The Blood Brothers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Locust. Anything that features members of The Blood Brothers will get my attention, because a group of us were fascinated with them in high school. So much so, that my friend performed their song "Salesman Denver Max" as an oral interp for speech class. While the entire class was deeply disturbed throughout, I think he got a pretty good grade. Their album, A New Wave Of Violence, is out in May.

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