Friday, February 5, 2016

Some Music I Liked This Week

Parquet Courts

We've long lived in a musical age where most artists release new music every two to four years. One of today's exceptions to the rule are Parquet Courts. They're set to release Human Performance in April, their seventh release in five years and fourth in the last two. And while they're not Beatles prolific, it's enough to keep their fans satisfied and their live shows fresh every time they pass through your town (unless that town is Sioux Falls).


Twin Peaks

If you missed Twin Peaks the last time they came through Sioux Falls, you have two opportunities to see them on February 26 at Total Drag. I'll be out of town, so if someone could go to both shows in my place, that would be great. Thanks. Twins Peaks' new album, Down In Heaven, is out in May.


Ben Watt

Ben Watt is set to release his third solo album, Fever Dream, in April. That's about all I know about Ben other than the fact that he was in a band called Everything But The Girl. Maybe you've heard of them? Maybe you haven't? They released eleven records. Either way, at least now you know Ben.


Mass Gothic

Today's self-titled release by Mass Gothic intrigues me. Both songs I've shared have moments buried in them that suck you in and take you in unexpected directions. I'm looking forward to listening to the entire album today. You won't find the track below on the new record since it's from a tour split, so consider it a bonus.


Miike Snow

Just as I recently learned that Bibio is only a one-man operation, I also found out that Miike Snow is a three-piece band. While it didn't turn my world upside-down, it's a good reminder to not judge a band by its record sleeve. Enjoy their tranquil voice modulation.

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