Friday, January 15, 2016

Some Music I Liked This Week

David Bowie

How could I not lead off my first post of 2016 with David Bowie? "Lazarus" was the only track I had heard from Blackstar before the news of Bowie's passing hit the wire. But the weight of the circumstances paired with the message sewn throughout Blackstar made listening to his final record a surreal experience from start to finish. Should we expect anything less from one of modern music's most fascinating and brilliant artists?



Savages debuted with their critically acclaimed Silence Yourself in 2013. Their new album, Adore Life, is due out next week and if "Adore" is any indication as to what the entire album has in store, we could be looking at another critical hit.


Anderson .Paak

I had the same reaction to "Come Down" as I did when I heard Mystikal's "Hit Me": a strong desire to squeeze my eyes shut and shriek, "Uh!" I believe that urge is just James Brown speaking through soul music from beyond the grave. Anderson .Paak released his latest album, Malibu, today. "Come Down" is more aggressive than the rest of the record, but it serves as a worthy release by the time you reach track 13.



There's a moment at the beginning of "Paint Me Scary" when I thought I was listening to a new MGMT track. But instead, it's a new track from Jaill* who deliver in a way that I could only dream MGMT would in 2016. This track is from a new cassette that they released last week, so I'll be listening to Wherever It Be digitally, since I don't own a functional cassette player.

* Can someone help them renew their domain name, it appears to have expired 22 days ago?



Woods are a deceptively deep band. Their falsetto vocals may turn off some listeners, but if it's something you can get down with, you'll discover one of the most interesting bands working today. The instrumental breakdown on "Sun City Creeps" alone makes this track worth your time. Their forthcoming album, City Sun Eater in the River of Light, is due out in April.

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