Friday, November 20, 2015

Some Music I Liked This Week

Mass Gothic

Sub Pop is set to release the debut from Mass Gothic, a project from Noel Heroux, in early February. The self-titled debut will be the first project from Heroux after his pervious band, Hooray For Earth broke up last year. This particular tune, "Nice Night", builds to a infectious frenzy towards the end, that has me listening over and over again.


Darin Kaihoi

Sioux Falls own Darin Kaihoi just released a beautiful new record, Pilgrim Hotel, earlier this fall. I missed the launch party at Total Drag, but had an opportunity to hear Kaihoi, the album's producer, Dalton Coffey, and Andrew Reinartz perform songs from the record at Rock Garden Tour's "Novembeer" show on Monday night. Today, it's been the perfect album for the season's first snowfall.


Advance Base

Advance Base is the latest recommendation from Total Drag's Dan Nissen. It's the latest project from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone creator Owen Ashworth. I wasn't familiar with either band, but I've really enjoyed digging into the catalog of both projects. "Might of the Moose" is from his latest release, Nephew in the Wild.


Neva Dinova

Nothing new here. Just a track from the Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova split record, One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels. The split EP was originally released in 2004, but was reissued with four unreleased tracks in 2010. I turned the record on earlier this week for the first time in a few years and really enjoyed the reintroduction. It wasn't issued with much fanfare or critical acclaim, but there's something intimate and familiar about the collection of songs that I really enjoy.

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