Friday, October 2, 2015

Some Music I Liked This Week

Guy Garvey

Guy Garvey, the lead singer of Elbow, will release his first solo album, Courting The Squall, at the end of the month. While Elbow creates music fit for a film score, "Angela's Eyes" marks the first time I've been compelled to dance to Garvey's music.


The Chills

"Warm Waveform" had me at "curled up like a big cat." It's the latest single from New Zealand's The Chills. Silver Bullets is also out at the end of this month.



"Wake" is the newest single from Out Of Touch, the forthcoming album from Brooklyn-based electropop musician, Brothertiger. More like Chilltiger.


Public Access T.V.

I was on our local Humane Society's public access television show with two friends when we were about seven or eight years old. We talked about how we created a neighborhood carnival that raised over $200 for said Humane Society (our original goal was to buy instruments to start a band, but our parents convinced us to donate the money). The only this I remember out my appearance was that I wore a sick, tie-dyed Taz t-shirt.

The band Public Access T.V. has nearly the same impeccable style. "Patti Peru" is from a forthcoming double A-side 7". They're set to release their debut album some time next year.

And who knows, had we been allowed to buy the instruments, maybe someone would be sharing my music with tens of people on their blog.



If you don't watch "Bam City" for me, watch it for the monkey. As If, the latest album from !!!, is out in a couple weeks.

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