Friday, September 25, 2015

Some Music I Liked This Week (And Last Week, Too)

I was home last Friday for a high school reunion, so here's two weeks worth of tunes for your listening pleasure. See some of you on Monday at Justin Townes Earle!


Dilly Dally

If I had a voice like Katie Monks, I would feel obligated to sing alongside distortion. "Purple Rage" will be on the debut album, Sore, for Toronto's Dilly Dally. Do you think Prince ever feels purple rage, or is everything cool at Paisley Park? Sore is out October 9.


Coco O.

A silk-smooth jam from Danish singer Coco O of Quadron. It's the type of song I could drop the needle on while I fry up some eggs to go with my coffee early on a Saturday morning. No word on whether or not "Hardest Thing" will appear on a new record.



Does the term "Sunset Rock" exist? If not, I'd like to nominate bands like DIIV or Real Estate to carry the torch. These dudes just make me want to buy a convertible so I can properly cruise the coast. Is The Is Are is out sometime this fall.



Two singles in and I can already tell the Deerhunter is going to be on my list of favorite albums of 2015. Fading Frontier is out on October 16.


Majical Cloudz

Who knows where Are You Alone?, the forthcoming record from Majical Cloudz, will rank on my year-end list. But I do know that their artwork is amongst my favorite so far. The new album is out on October 16.

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