Friday, March 27, 2015

Some Music I Liked This Week

Damaged Bug

Thankfully, we never have to wait too long to hear new music from Thee Oh Sees or any of their solo incarnations. This week, a new tune comes in the form of John Dwyer's second record as Damaged Bug. "The Mirror" is the lead single from the forthcoming Cold Hot Plumbs, which drops June 1 on Castle Face Records.


Hanni El Khatib

Thanks to a well-timed Instagram post from Total Drag, I now know about Hanni El Khatib. Although, odds are that we've all heard his music before, but didn't realize it. One quick glance at the "in popular culture" section of his Wikipedia page reveals that his music has been featured by advertisers like Nike and Nissan, in TV shows like Californication, and in the remake of Carrie. I guess I should be more active with Shazam while I watch TV.

"Melt Me" is the second track on his third album, Moonlight.


Jessica Pratt

Critics have been raving about On Your Own Love Again, the second album from Jessica Pratt. And anytime a musician generates that kind of buzz, I generally like to use Spotify to check them out. Except in the case of Pratt, she's one of the web-mysterious artists on Drag City, a great label with an apparent disdain for digital delivery. You won't find any of their albums on Spotify and the last LP I purchased from them, Ty Segall's Manipulator, didn't come with a digital download.

Personal grudges aside, I dug into what I could find of Pratt's new record and the best of it came in the form of this session with KEXP. She has a surprising and unique delivery, akin to Joanna Newsom (another Drag City artist). But the further I got into the session, the more I was drawn to it. It may not wind up being everyone's cup of tea, but if you're even moderately interested, keep listening, because I think you'll end up loving her.


LIVE: Union Grove Pickers

On Saturday night at The Orpheum Theater, the Union Grove Pickers will celebrate the release of their latest CD, Scattered and Sown, with a live performance. Joining them will be their friends and mentors, Fiddler Nelson. Music starts at 7:30 and tickets are $12.

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