Friday, February 27, 2015

Some Music I Liked This Week

Dan Deacon

To this day, Dan Deacon's concert in Brookings is the most unique and jubilant show I've ever attended. As part of the Adult Swim Carnival Tour that stopped at South Dakota State University, Deacon paired his wild, pulsating, robotic tunes with elements of improv and crowd participation that had hundreds of unsuspecting underclassmen awkwardly flailing their limbs to the point of exhaustion. It was like aerobics on hallucinogens. If you can't picture it, check out an abridged version of his live show at NPR's Tiny Desk.

Deacon's new album, Gliss Riffer, is out now.


Sufjan Stevens

I haven't always found myself on the same wave length with Sufjan Stevens. Maybe it's his use of woodwinds? But when I do, it's Steven's ability to create a tranquil intimacy that draws me in (Sisyphus being the exception). And that's exactly what he does with his new track, "No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross", from his forthcoming record, Carrie & Lowell.


Mac Mcaughan

Merge Records co-founder and Superchuck (and Portastatic) lead singer, Mac McCaughan, is releasing his first record under his own name later this spring. According to McCaughan, Non-Believers "explores a very personal set of influences" that warrants a connection to his name.



The ladies from Warpaint have promised the release of a series of new, non-album songs this year. Last year's album, Warpaint, was a critical success and who knows if these new songs will find their way to another album, or if they're just a product of stream-of-conscious recordings, but "No Way Out" is my favorite Warpaint song to date.

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