Friday, February 20, 2015

Some Music I Liked This Week

Speedy Ortiz

I played baseball with a speedy Ortiz, but I never heard him sing. This Speedy Ortiz, on the other hand, knows a thing or two about singing a catchy tune. Whether or not they play baseball remains to be seen.  Their new album, Foil Deer, comes out on April 21.


Jack White

Jack White has utilized so many (fun) gimmicks throughout the promotion and subsequent release of Lazaretto, that it's easy to ignore how good the album actually is. Use your keyboard to play around with his latest experiment, a music video for "That Black Bat Licorice" and reflect on White's rock prowess.



Damon Albarn has such a unique voice, that's it's hard to feel any more excited about the first Blur album in twelve years than I would be for any of Albarn's other projects, such as Gorillaz or The Good, The Bad, and The Queen or even his solo work. But when you enjoy a musician who possesses such distinct qualities, their different projects all start to sound alike, no matter how different they may actually be for the audience or the artist. I understand that Blur was Albarn's breakthrough introduction to the world, so for many fans, Magic Whip (April 28) was twelve years in the making. But for me, "Go Out" is welcomed as another sweet track from an artist who has hardly been absent from the scene.



I mentioned in my year-end review that I needed to find a way to work in more hip hop to my posts, since I listen to rap almost as often as anything else. With that, this new track by Heems seems (rhyming!) like a good candidate to ease in a musical art form the occupies a different part of my brain than almost everything else I share. In collaboration with Dev Hynes (Blood Orange, Lightspeed Champion), Heems actually sings more than he raps on this track, which is an interesting departure from his work with Das Racist (still one of the most entertaining rap groups I've ever seen live). Eat Pray Thug is out March 10.

And since I'll be sharing more rap, I'll commemorate this post with a new Seeya Mixtape.


Some More Stuff

LISTEN // Kendrick Lamar: The Blacker The Berry (YouTube) ... He's just great.

LIVE // Rupert Angeleyes (Total Drag) ... Sunday, February 22

LIVE // Union Grove Pickers (The Orpheum) ... Saturday, March 28

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