Friday, February 13, 2015

Some Music I Liked This Week

Alabama Shakes

The Alabama Shakes are back with a new single from their forthcoming record, Sound & Color, which is out April 21. I could probably get down to the guitar riff alone, as minimal as it is, but then Brittany Howard squeals in and belts out "My life / Your life / Don't cross them lines," in her usual cracked, soulful tone and I'm hooked once again.



Detroit's Protomartyr dropped their second album, Under Color of Official Right, last April, but recently it was brought to my attention by my friend John. I dug into it and their first record, No Passion All Technique, enjoying both. The first was the kind of raw post-punk you might expect from a debut record, but they've polished their sound a bit on their second release without compromising what makes them unique.


Hot Chip

Somewhere between "Over and Over" and "Huarache Lights", I forgot how much I enjoy Hot Chip. I collected a few of their albums, but somehow they don't squeeze their way into my rotation unless they pop up on the iTunes "Genuis" feature. And when that happens I think, "Damn, this is really good, why don't I listen to this more?" Hopefully this lead single from their forthcoming sixth record, Why Make Sense?, is a good enough reminder to take a dance break. I'll keep it on my radar when it drops in May.


Rupert Angeleyes

Rupert Angeleyes will be the latest Minneapolis band traveling down to Sioux Falls to perform at Total Drag on Sunday, February 22. The's show's only $5, and if you can spare a Sunday evening, I think the show will be rad. Liz played Young Sunset for me on Tuesday and I've streamed it a few times on Spotify during work this week.

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