Friday, January 16, 2015

Thanks For The Tunes

Before I stop talking about 2014, I need to dedicate one more post to a terrific year in music. A year that concluded with me listening to 184 unique song submissions from the "Some Music Other People Liked All Year" series. While I shared a lot in common with everyone, there was plenty of new tunes to check out and I'd like to share just a few that stood out before I dig into 2015.


Natural Child

Very The Band-esque. Natural Child's music is the type I like to unwind to. Dancing' With Wolves came earlier last year and by all accounts, they're from Nashville. Thanks for sharing, Thomas and Tim.



Another throwback, Temples sounds like all of your parents' favorite music if your parents were coming of age in the late '60s. Thanks for sharing, Isaac, Wes, and Megan.


Steve Gunn

Through 38-seconds of research, I discovered that Steve Gunn was a guitarist in Kurt Vile's backing band, The Violators. Stylistically, it makes a lot of sense. And most of the songs on Way Out Weather are longer than five minutes, which is also a trait I attribute with Vile. Gunn's voice completely stands alone, though. I dig it. Thanks again for sharing, Thomas and Tim.


Together Pangea

Together Pangea is oxymoron, isn't it? Maybe that's the point. After the first time through the chorus of the Badillac title track, I dare you not to scream along, "Bad-uh-LLAC!" Thanks for sharing Tim. Total Drag, and Marc.

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