Friday, January 9, 2015


This might be the only year I've adhered to the year-end list standards I put forth the previous year (although I don't want to go through the effort of finding out). Below, you'll find my 15 favorite albums of 2014, along with a song from each. And underneath that list, you'll find a playlist of my 50 favorite tracks of 2014 (technically 49, but Drag City doesn't share Ty Segall).

This year I had an easier time than usual selecting 15 albums (I own 11 of the 15 albums on vinyl), but since I try to listen to so many new tracks, culling a list down to 50 is extremely hard. To make my life a little easier, I limit myself to only one track per artist (which is why I paired alternate songs with my album list). To see a broader list of what got my attention in 2014, check out (almost) everything I shared on my blog here.

In 2015, I resolve to find a way to integrate hip-hop into the mix. I listen to a fair amount, but it occupies a different side of my brain than almost everything else I share, so I'd like to give it its own attention. And if you're curious, this pretty much sums up my year in hip-hop.

Thanks again to everyone who shared their favorite 2014 tunes with me. You can view their selections here and listen here. I'll be sharing some of my favorite discoveries from those lists soon.

Against Me! // Transgender Dysphoria Blues

If you ever need to work through frustration, I recommend cranking this record up to 11
LISTEN: True Trans Soul Rebel

Angel Olsen // Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Its combination of tenderness and raucous energy kept me coming back for more.

BRONCHO // Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman

This record is full of absolutely infectious rock tunes that beg you sing and dance along. 
LISTEN: Class Historian

Chad VanGaalen // Shrink Dust

The album art is still unsettling, but I've more than settled into its airy choruses.
LISTEN: Monster

Future Islands // Singles

They got everyone's attention this year on national TV, including mine, and provided one my my favorite Sioux Falls musical moments this summer.

Mac DeMarco // Salad Days

DeMarco's zest for life and meandering riffs make Salad Days a must-have for any record collector. 
LISTEN: Salad Days

Mitski // Bury Me At Makeout Creek

This record came out of nowhere to rock my socks off.
LISTEN: Texas Reznikoff

Ought // More Than Any Other Day

If you listen to this record loud enough, it will make you a vibrating, interpretive dancer. 
LISTEN: The Weather Song

Perfume Genius // Too Bright

Mike Hadreas writes and perfumes music like his soul insists on it. 

Sondre Lerche // Please

I've always enjoyed Sondre Lerche, but watching him perform this album live cemented its case as one of my favorites this year. 
LISTEN: Legends

St. Vincent // St. Vincent

Easily one of the most magnetic performers I've ever witnessed. 
LISTEN: Severed Crossed Fingers

Strand Of Oaks // Heal

This was a sneaky pick. Every time I turned this record on, I liked it more and more. 
LISTEN: Same Emotions

Twins Peaks // Wild Onion

All sixteen tracks are ready to party.
LISTEN: Strawberry Smoothie

Ty Segall // Manipulator

My only gripe with this record is that it's not on Spotify, because it means I can't hear "The Singer" on my favorite tracks list. 
LISTEN: The Singer

Viet Cong // Cassette

Technically this is an EP, but its seven songs equal the amount of tracks on their forthcoming "debut" record. Keep an eye on Viet Cong in 2015. 
LISTEN: Static Wall


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