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First, I think it is important to preface my list by saying I treat my "Best of…" as a music vault. I want to come back years from now and be like, “I can’t believe I ever liked this song,” or “yeah, this is still my jam.” For my compellation to be complete, it must have equal parts sad bastard music and awesome hip-hop. So, here’s some stuff I liked this year:

Iggy Azalea with Charli XC X // Fancy

I LOVE this album and particularly this song. The beat is stripped down and I think Iggy is the best thing to happen to female rappers since Nicki. Plus, Charli XCX is awesome.

Nicki Minaj // Anaconda

Speaking of Nicki, there was no way I was leaving this track out. I bumped it all summer and love that she sampled Sir Mix-A-Lot. The Pinkprint is a solid album, but still not as good as Pink Friday.

Kendrick Lamar // i

It is fun to see an artist change and evolve. I am very excited to see what Kendrick has on tap for his next album.

David Guetta (feat. Sam Martin) // Dangerous

Even Pitch Perfect shouts out to David Guetta as one of the best DJs around. ‘Cause he is. The end.

Beyoncé // 7/11

Her self-titled album was hands down my favorite in 2013. The club banger found on her Platinum Edition is dance-tastic! Because BeyoncĂ©, that’s why.

G-Eazy with Remo // I Mean It

Who say’s white guys can’t rap? The lyrics are smart and the beat is sick. Take a listen to the whole album, These Things Happen.

Disclosure (feat. Sam Smith) // Latch

I really tried to hate this song, but I kept getting Sam Smith’s sweet falsetto chorus stuck in my head. Proving Disclosure has some real chops, they also produced “Right Now” a great track from Mary J. Blige.

Sia // Chandelier

Perhaps best known for the excellent music video dance-off parody on SNL from Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon (with an appearance from Iggy). But do not let the silly sketch detract from the powerful vocals and brilliant music video.

Sharon Van Etten // Afraid of Nothing

Shout out to Abby Bischoff to turning me on to this album. We Are There is easily one of the best albums of 2014, and this song is just a sorrowful delight.

John Legend // All of Me

Overplayed? Yes. Am I sick of it? Yes. But it’s still a great song. Ten years after Legend threw down Get Lifted, I am still so in love with him.

Meghan Trainor // All About That Bass

Even if you live under a rock, you’ve heard this song. She is sing-rapping a little ditty about positive body image, which I appreciate, and still managed to make it catchy. Also, she’s cute as a button.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars // Uptown Funk

Bruno is a perfect little pint-sized nugget. Ah, this song! Swagger to the max and an awesome throw-back feel. Hot damn!

D’Angelo and The Vanguard // Black Messiah

The whole album is great. Maybe next time don’t wait 14 years to release a new one, m’kay?

Damien Rice // My Favourite Faded Fantasy

It’s so sad, and lovely, and just, yes. “I Don’t Want to Change You” is my favorite track.

Honorable Mention

Pharrell Williams // GIRL
St. Vincent // St. Vincent
Johnnyswim // Diamonds
Sam Smith // In the Lonely Hour
Ryan Adams // Ryan Adams
You+Me // rose ave.
Shakey Graves // And the War Came
Charli XCX // SUCKER



This playlist is a completion of the music from the series of posts that share the same name.

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