Monday, December 15, 2014

QUARTERLY REPORT // October - November - December


After my final quarterly report, Seeya Monday will be a flurry of year-end lists curated by a slew of my friends. But before I could start wrapping up the year, I had to sum up the final quarter (technically Viet Cong's Cassette was released this summer). Check back every day for the foreseeable future for a brand new year-end review up until I publish my own (Hint: It will probably be made up of most of the songs from quarterly reports).

As always, feel free to share your favorite albums with me in the comments or on Twitter. If you don't have time to stream all of them, click here and listen to a track from each.

Ariel Pink // pom pom

Caribou // Our Love

Foxygen // ...And Star Power

The Growlers // Chinese Fountain

Mitski // Bury Me At Makeout Creek

Parkay Quarts // Content Nausea

Viet Cong // Cassette

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