Friday, September 5, 2014

Some Music I Liked This Week

Wyatt Blair

Here's some seriously fun pop rock out of Los Angeles, California. I don't know a lot about Wyatt Blair, but if you check out his record, Banana Cream Dream, on Bandcamp, you'll see that all proceeds from his record help support, according to him, the...
"'My Friends Place'" charity!!! helping homeless children of los angeles have food to eat & a place to stay!!! cuz what's a better way to give back, then to give back with music?!"


The Wytches

I was going to share something by The Wytches a few weeks ago after I heard their music on NPR's All Songs Considered podcast, but then I forgot. And then I was going to share it last week, but then I decided to post my Quarterly Report. And then my friend Marc Wagner shared one if their tracks on his Facebook page, which reminded me to share their music today. So, here you go! Thanks, Marc!


Cymbals Eat Guitars

I'd like to see cymbals eat guitars. I'd also love to see Cymbals Eat Guitars. "...And The Hazy Sea" was one of my favorite songs in 2009, which was the lead track on their debut album, Why There Are Mountains. With this new record, their third, they've packed in enough variety to keep me entertained as my musical moods shift. Check out Lose when you have 45 minutes.



In case all of this rock music isn't your thing, or if you just need a smooth salve after a heavy dose of distortion, check out this new track from the marriage-pop duo, Tennis. They had some pretty formidable producers assist on their new record, Ritual In Repeat, including Patrick Carney, Jim Eno, and Richard Swift. If you click the album title above, you can stream the entire record on Pitchfork Advance.



I've posted enough about Alt-J lately, so I won't say much other than their newest music video for This Is All Yours' fourth track, "Every Other Freckle," can be viewed in a his or hers version. That's pretty neat.

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