Friday, September 26, 2014

Shuffle Songs

Sometimes you have to go to great, uncomfortable lengths to give the audience a first-person perspective.

Shuffle Songs

It's been a busy week. On top of my usual work as a copywriter at Fresh Produce, I've been slowly transitioning into a hybrid role as a video producer. It's something I'm excited about, but something I'll have to adjust to, because it breaks my three-year routine. Needless to say, less time at the computer means less time spent previewing new music. And since I don't have anything new to share this week, I thought I'd just press "shuffle" on my iPod and share with you the first three songs that popped up.

One: I love this exercise, because I'll often hear something great that I forgot about. Two: It will give you a greater sense of what I've collected over the years. Hopefully you enjoy this as much as hearing something fresh. Also, I challenge you to perform the same exercise and share your three songs with me in the comments or on Twitter.


The Morning Benders

I saw The Morning Benders in Chicago in 2010 when they were touring on Big Echo. The show and the album were/are both fantastic, but in a strange turn of events, The Morning Benders changed their name to POP ETC in 2012 after learning that the word "bender" is a derogatory term in Europe for homosexuals. Their debut album as POP ETC wasn't in any way a follow-up to Big Echo and I thought their magic went away along with their original band name. Oh well, at least we still have Big Echo.


Harry Nilsson

Nilsson Schmilsson is one of the best albums of the '70s. If you're only vaguely familiar with Harry Nilsson, there's a good chance most of what you know by him came from Nilsson Schmilsson. I watched the Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everyone Talkin' About Him?) documentary last year to get a better understanding of who he was as a musician. A couple of the most remarkable things I learned about him were that he never performed his music live and that his friendship with John Lennon essentially cost him his singing voice. Check it out when you have the chance.


The Roots

How I Got Over is another record from 2010 - the ninth from Philly's own The Roots. For those people who study rap (I'm not one of them - I'm more of an enthusiast), they've long understood just how talented these guys are. After they teamed up with Jimmy Fallon in 2009 as Fallon's house band, the entire nation got a first-hand look at the true musicianship of each and every one of their members. They can seamlessly blend in with anyone who performs on the Tonight Show, proving why their own music seems to draw on inspiration from all walks of the musical world.

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