Friday, August 22, 2014

Some Music I Liked This Week

Thurston Moore

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore will release a new record, The Best Day, on October 21 via Matador. Listen to the title track above. While I don't think The Best Day is a concept album that features Moore walking us through the best day of his life, I still plan to listen to it as though it is. Enjoy.


Mirel Wagner

When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day is the second record from Mirel Wagner. To write the record, Wagner escaped to a cabin on a peninsula in northern Finland. In typical "artist escapes to a cabin" fashion, this is a pretty spare, introspective, and beautiful record. I think if I sequestered myself in a cabin for a while, I wouldn't knock out a great record, but I'd probably get around to finishing the entire X-Files series.


Magnetic Fields

"Hey, who's this? I like it."

"Magnetic Fields."

"I like this song, who is it?"

"Magnetic Fields."

This is my usual exchange when I hear a Magnetic Fields song. Apparently I need to invest in some of their music. "Andrew In Drag" is from their last record, Love At The Bottom Of The Sea. I heard it while listening to an old episode of Who Charted? and thought I should finally invest in my interest.


Some Other Stuff

STREAM // Ty Segall: Manipulator (NPR) ... Also listen to Ty on WTF with Marc Maron.

STREAM // The New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers (iTunes) ... Always catchy.

READ // Interview: Dan Boeckner (Antenna) ... Dan talks about the new record and teases future projects.

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