Friday, July 11, 2014

Some Music I Liked This Week

What Moon Things

As I was taking a journey into the past earlier this week by listening to The Moon & Antarctica, a new band was recommended to me: What Moon Things. Their self-titled debut record was released this summer, and if you're a fan of Modest Mouse, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, or anything in between (which is a lot, I know), you'll love their record. Below, I picked the song that I enjoyed the most. You can stream the whole thing here on Spotify.


Slow Club

I streamed the entire new album from Slow Club, Complete Surrender, on NPR's First Listen earlier this week. And while I didn't quite connect with the entire album, I kept coming back to the opening track. "Tears of Joy" is actually a pretty reserved track compared to some of the huge pop anthems performed by Rebecca Taylor later in the record. But on this track, Charles Watson takes us on a smooth ride, managing to delightfully cram extra syllables into the word "tears" in a way that has you singing along without noticing.



BRONCHO had me on the hook a few years ago with their driving, garage-rock track "Try Me Out Some Time." And these dudes from Oklahoma are back with a new record Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, with a lead single that - and I apologize in advance - will either be the kind of catchy pop-rock that you'll play on repeat or shut off after the first chorus. Obviously I land on the side who's pressing repeat.


Some Other Stuff

STREAM // Alt-J: Left Hand Free (SoundCloud) Apparently they recorded this as a joke. It's still catchy.

GO // Karaoke Underground (July 31, Sioux Falls) Punk/Indie Rock Karaoke. My dream. I'll be singing this.

LIVE // Jason Isbell (July 29, Sioux Falls) Orpheum Theater

PERFORM // Cloud Cult: Drummer Needed (Twin Cities) Email here.

WIN // Touch Tunes: Unsigned Artist Competition (Touch Tunes) Be in bars everywhere, if you want.

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