Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Some Music I Liked (So Far) This Week

Pitchfork Music Festival

I'm posting a bit early this week, because we're leaving Thursday morning for Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Before we head into Chicago, we're staying in Madison, Wisconsin and plan to check out Sharon Van Etten's show at the Memorial Union Terrace. Van Etten is also performing at Pitchfork, but we thought if we could see her the night before, that will free up a time slot during the festival.

I've already compiled a playlist of this weekend's artists, which you can stream here, and you can also stream the festival live here. But below are the three acts I'm most excited to see each day:


Sun Kil Moon. I've never seen Mark Kozelek perform live and I'm not so sure an outdoor festival under 80-degree heat is the best place to start, but I'll take it. Benji (2014) is quite possibly his saddest record yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Avey Tare's Slasher Flick's. I saw Animal Collective perform at Pitchfork in 2011, which was one of the most joyful musical moments of my life. We'll see how Portner stacks up out on his own. I'm fully prepared to shimmy to "Strange Colores."

Beck. I mean, do I really have to elaborate? I wonder which covers he'll break out for us?


Danny Brown. Dude's just goofy. I saw him perform with Das Racist in 2011 and he had me on the hook with just one verse. I'll be interested to see what he brings to the table with an entire set. Before Brown performs, I'll give honorable mentions to Cloud Nothings and Twin Peaks, the latter was introduced to me because of the festival and I think they're a band to keep an eye on.

St. Vincent. Apparently her SNL set turned people away, but who cares about those people anyway? Honestly, her self-titled record was the first release that really struck a chord (musical wordplay!) with me, so I can't wait to watch Clark shred live.

Neutral Milk Hotel. Indie rock royalty came out of hiding in 2013. What more can I say?


Deafheaven. Metal usually isn't my thing, but I found myself transfixed with Sunbather (2014) earlier this year when their album was streaming ahead of its release. No pressure, but I'm hoping they awake something deep within my soul.

Real Estate. By Sunday evening I'll be ready to unwind, so maybe I'll grab a beer and sit in the grass near the Real Estate set and let their chill vibes wash over me.

Kendrick Lamar. Do you think he'll play or have someone perform the "Dominoes" sketch live? I'm hoping for one or two mad cameos, too. Don't let me down Kendrick!


Perfume Genius

I surprisingly found myself mesmerized by the soft, delicate anthems on Put Your Back N 2 It (2012), the last record from Perfume Genius (née Mike Hadreas). Hadreas is back with a new single from the forthcoming record, Too Bright. "Queen" is apparently about "gay panic."


Avi Buffalo

It's been four years since their self-titled debut, but Avi Buffalo are finally back with a new record and "So What" is their latest single. And although its been four years, their last single, "What's In It For?" is still etched in my brain, recurring when I least expect it.


Some Other Stuff

LISTEN // Oscar: Open Up (SoundCloud) Pitchfork artist Neneh Cherry claims this will be a major song next month.

LISTEN // Frank Ocean, Diplo, Mick Jones and Paul Simonon: Hero (Converse) Not sure how this escaped me.

STREAM // Seeya Mixtape (Spotify) An ongoing playlist of music featured on this blog.

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