Friday, June 13, 2014

Some Music (Things) I Liked This Week


After a brief hiatus with Divine Fits, Britt Daniel reunited his Spoon bandmates to record their eighth studio album, the forthcoming They Want My Soul. Hear more about the record by listening to a recent special edition of NPR's All Songs Considered here.


The New Pornographers

It's been four years, but A.C. Newman finally got the band back together for Brill Bruisers, The New Pornographers follow-up to 2010's Together. We're talking Neko, Dan ... those other guys - the whole gang! Enjoy the title track above.


Real Lies

Probably based on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis's 1994 smash hit, True Lies, the London-based group Real Lies knows how to talk their way through a smooth pop jam. I'd like to tell you more about them, but as they're only referred to by their initials, KK, TW, and PK, I couldn't do much digging. "North Circular" is every bit as mysterious as their identities.


Song Exploder

During this week's episode of the design podcast, 99% Invisible, I discovered an interesting new podcast called Song Exploder. Each brief episode features musicians who take apart one of their songs, piece by piece, and tell you how it was made. The very first episode features Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service as he breaks down "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight."


Live: Centro-matic

Thanks again to Andy Howes, the Rock Garden Tour, and Centro-matic for a great show on Tuesday night. As with every live show, a band has the ability to change your perception of their music, for better or worse. With Centro-matic, I went from like to love. The guys were even nice enough to sign for me a copy of their newest vinyl record, Take Pride In Your Long Odds.

I'm hoping to have a similar experience tonight at Total Drag with The Courtneys show. I'm not sure whether or not they've sold out, so if you're free, get down to the store.

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