Thursday, May 1, 2014

Some Music I Liked This Week


More Than Any Other Day is the debut record from Ought that brings us "Habit". They've been described as "art-punk," whatever that means. Regardless of labels, this track feels incredibly real. It's dripping with desperation and addiction, which holds onto you for its entire six minutes.


Doug Paisley

We can thank Canada for Doug Paisley. We can also probably thank the legions of genuine country music writers that came before him. This track is from his new record, Strong Feelings, and comes as a recommendation from Rock Garden Tour.


Christopher Owens

"Stephen" is a new, sad song from former Girls frontman Christopher Owens. It's hymn-like qualities make me feel like I should be sitting in the back of an old, quiet country church. No news yet on whether any of these new tracks will appear on a second solo record.


The Helio Sequence

Once again, here's another recommendation for a track that's a few years old, but "Can't Say No" from Keep Your Eyes Ahead (2008) is a good time. If it's not current enough for you, The Helio Sequence released Negotiations in 2012, but that's the best I can do.


Bits & Pieces

STREAM // Lykke Li: I Never Learn (NPR)

LISTEN // Podcast: Stephen Malkmus (WTF w/ Marc Maron)

GO // Total Drag: First Show Ever (Sioux Falls, SD)

STREAM // North 40: Spring Mix (RGT)

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