Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Music (Things) I Liked This Week

Rodrigo Amarante

Known to me as the dude from Little Joy, Rodrigo Amarante is a prominent Brazilian musician who's only now just getting around to releasing his first solo record, Cavalo (May 6). This song's performed beautifully in Portuguese, which means I have no idea what it's about. For all I know, it's NSFW in Portuguese speaking countries. But probably not. Enjoy.


Chet Faker

Australia's Chet Faker (née Nicholas Murphy) occupies the same space as England's James Blake when it comes to electrically infused R&B music. His debut album, Built On Glass, came out on Tuesday and I've already listened to it a half-dozen times - it's perfect music for work. Thankfully he released this video for one of my favorite tracks, "1998", that features illustrations from the talented Grace Lee.


Pink Mountaintops

Rock Garden Tour introduced me to Pink Mountaintops during one of his shows a few years ago. They've started releasing tracks from their upcoming album, Get Back, which led to me finally investigating their origins after all these years. And what I found out is that they're associated with some seriously rad bands like Black Mountain, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, to name a few. In fact, over thirty different musicians have played with Pink Mountaintops during their ten-year run (Stephen McBean and Gregg Foreman are the only consistent members). Perhaps they're in a Canadian arms race with Broken Social Scene?

STREAM // Pink Mountaintops: Get Back (Pitchfork Advance)


Boom Forest

I mentioned John Paul Roney a couple weeks ago in the same breath as Matt Holmen (PHOX) as I was discussing We The Living, a band I had the privilege to bring to State a few times. Roney's been recording under Boom Forest for a couple years and he was recently featured on American Songwriter (along with his former bandmate, Holmen). Though he currently calls Nashville home, he's another son of Wisconsin with a gift for writing. "Shadow of  Doubt" is a 3:30-minute crescendo that sails along as smoothly as Roney's vocals.


Lana Del Rey

Since she glided and crooned her way onto the scene a few years ago, I've had mixed feelings about Lana Del Rey (née Lizzy Grant). I didn't know whether or not I should take her seriously. While "Video Games" was an amusing spark plug, the record that followed, Born To Die, seemed forced and left me disappointed (although I'm not sure what I expected). But now she's gone and worked with Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) on her upcoming record, Ultraviolence, and released the first single, "West Coast", which I almost didn't click on.


Consider me back on the amused side of the fence.


Bits and Pieces

WATCH // Courtney Barnett: Tiny Desk Concert (NPR) She's just great.

STREAM // Prins Thomas: III (Hype Machine) Great Work Music

LISTEN // Lykke Li: Gunshot (Self-Released) New release with lyrics!

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