Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some Music I Liked This Week


Woods are a fantastic folk-ish band from New York City. Their falsetto style alone sets them apart from the rest of the current scene (that I'm aware of) and for some, it's an acquired taste. But I've certainly acquired it and my feelings were affirmed when I saw them live a few years ago. Their new record, With Light and With Love, is streaming right now on Pitchfork Advance and comes out on Tuesday, April 15.


How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well (aka Tom Krell) can be categorized as PBR&B, a term affectionately given to a group of soulful R&B singers whose alternative styles tend to appeal to the indie and hipster audiences. Other PBR&B artists include Frank Ocean, Miguel and The Weeknd, amongst others. Which begs the question, would the Wiggles be categorized as PB&JR&B? Should a think tank of soul writers be coined R&DR&B? These questions deserve answers.

While you ponder music's big questions, enjoy this new track from How To Dress Well. It will appear on his new record, What Is This Heart?, which is out June 24. See, it looks like Tom's asking the big questions, too.


Cloud Cult

A few weeks ago, I posted a song by PHOX and mentioned how they're close to my heart since I had an opportunity to bring one of their members to SDSU as a member of another band. The same can be said for Cloud Cult. Their live show is equal parts visual as it is sonic, as they travel with two painters who creates pieces during the show and auction off their work afterwards. This crew from Minnesota is releasing Unplug, a live show taped in Minneapolis's Southern Theater.

As a longtime fan, it was a thrill to hear many of my favorite Cloud Cult songs reimagined or rearranged. If you want to listen for yourself, visit Pitchfork Advance where the album is currently streaming. And if you've never seen them live, treat yourself to one of their upcoming gigs.


READ // Play It Again and Again, Sam

via The Kobal Collection
This last tidbit comes from NPR Music. Alix Spiegel explores repetition in music, especially as it relates to that feeling we get sometimes when hear a new song and think, "I swear I've heard this before." In this piece, she interviews music psychologist Elizabeth Margulis who offers an interesting perspective on what appears to be musical déjà vu.

"Psychologists have found that people tend to start off wary of — or even hostile to — new things, which makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. But then the act of mere exposure — nothing more than further exposure — changes our feelings. We typically feel more warmly toward things we encounter again and again." - Spiegler

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