Friday, March 7, 2014

Seeya Monday!

Me. My World. was created out of obligation. During my sophomore year of college, I was required to create and maintain a blog for a digital media class. I had no clue what I would post about, because the blog was going to act as more of an exercise than a creative outlet. Without much thought - seriously, my only thought was, "Well, I'll share posts about me and the things I like." - I dispassionately chose a title that would be my online persona for seven or eight years. It never meant anything to me. And I've considered changing it dozens of times over the past years, but nothing's ever jumped out at me until recently.

As students left Faribault High School each day, our kind, elderly security guard would exclaim, "Seeya Monday!" We'd chuckle, scoff at his statement and chalk it up to senility. We were teenagers, after all. But as I was leaving work a few months ago, a coworker signed off, "Seeya guys tomorrow," and without missing a beat I uttered, "Seeya Monday!" as if the security guard's strange, but suddenly wise words has been lodged somewhere deep in my mind and begged to be expressed at that moment. Living over 200 miles from home, my statement was about as inside and obscure as you could get to everyone else, but it made me smile. And for the first time in almost ten years I actually thought about the old guard's salutation. Suddenly it wasn't the ramblings of a man who was losing it. To me, "Seeya Monday!" should be accepted daily as if tomorrow was always a chance at a new beginning.

With that, I retire Me. My World. and adopt something that will always feel a bit more refreshing to me.

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