Friday, February 21, 2014

Some Music I Liked This Week


I thought maybe Sufjan StevensSon Lux, and Serengeti were just best friends who wanted to make some music together, but it turns out their project, Sisyphus, was commissioned by the Walker Art Center and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra to accompany works by Jim Hodges. But I suppose that doesn't mean they're not best friends. I like to imagine them as best friends. Regardless, their collaboration is worth your time. 

They've released a few tracks, but my favorite is "Alcohol." Serengeti's flow sounds devoid of breaths, which is simultaneously suffocating and entrancing. Hodges exhibition opened a week after I was in the Twin Cities, but maybe I'll return to the Walker next weekend when I travel back for Broken Bells.



Eagulls are a punk band from Leeds (England). They're not an Eagles tribute band. They are really into Bill Murray.


Caroline Smith

I spent Valentine's Day in Sioux Falls with Caroline Smith. Not personally, but I watched her perform at Icon Lounge. I hadn't listened to her new album yet, but I was impressed with how her music and style had matured. Her soulful rendition of Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" was enough to make me hop on Amazon and order Good Kid, M.A.A.D City on vinyl, because I remember how much I loved that record.

Smith's touring with a new band, equipped with backup singers and everything! And if she makes her way through your town, I recommend checking her out. Watch her perform the title track from her latest record, Half About Being A Woman, here.


St. Vincent

St. Vincent has always occupied a very neutral space in my music brain. I neither love nor hated Annie Clark's music. It simply existed. While friends and critics lauded over everything Clark released, I tried time and time again to connect with it to no avail. Not even David Byrne could help.

But on Tuesday, St. Vincent releases St. Vincent, Clark's fifth studio album. And finally it clicked. I was hooked from "Rattlesnake" to "Severed Crossed Fingers" with my favorite track being "Digital Witness." Listen to it below and stream the entire record on NPR Music while it's still up.


Pitchfork Music Festival '14

Jessie and I jumped on board early for Pitchfork Music Festival this summer, saving a few dollars on our three-day passes. We went in on blind faith, assuming they would deliver another stellar lineup and we were rewarded with headliners Beck, Kendrick Lamar, and Neutral Milk Hotel. I'd say we made the right decision. I started compiling a running playlist of artists as they're released and you can listen to it on Spotify.

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