Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some Music I Liked This Week

Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings are from Ohio and they play rock music. They have guitars and cymbals and everything. "I'm Not Part Of Me" will be on their new record, Here And Nowhere Else. For me, it's driving music. Fast, loud and you can learn the hook after one listen, making you the person other drivers stare at while you share a red light.

Side note: SoundCloud updated their player this week, giving artists the opportunity to upload art beyond the small icon next to the play button. I mean, look at it!


Broken Bells

Mercer and Mouse are back with a new Broken Bells record that comes out in February. If you can't wait for its release, stream After The Disco on iTunes using their exclusive First Play feature.

I really wish more musicians would dabble with side projects like this - departing a little bit from their usual sound, collaborating with someone from a different genre - especially someone like James Mercer who has such a pure, original voice. I'd have to imagine that it's very cathartic, allowing musicians to breath new life into their primary projects. If you don't have time to stream the whole record, here's the title track:

And as it was last week with Quilt, my girlfriend and I are going to check out Broken Bells in Minneapolis next month. Maybe I'll get a chance to ask Mercer how the first Broken Bells record impacted his next Shins record. Or maybe I'll just enjoy the show. Either way.


Where Have You Been? The Babies

Photo from Atlanta Music Guide
It wasn't until I stopped bringing my laptop to work every day that I realized how useful Spotify could be. When I worked on my laptop, I had all the music I could want to listen to in my own library - never deviating from the albums I downloaded. But since I got a new computer, it's forced me to be more resourceful with how I listen to music every day - digging into free album streams from NPR, Pitchfork, The New York Times, etc. Eventually, I'll hit a week where none of that sounds interesting, which is what lead me back to Spotify, having signed up when it reached beta in America, but never utilizing its services.

What I didn't anticipate was that it has a more intuitive suggestion system than many of its counterparts. Now, clicking the "Discover" button is a regular practice for me, leading me down rabbit holes of great music from the past six decades pop, rock and country music. What's even better is that I learn about great records that are practically new, like Our House On The Hill by The Babies. I hope you like their rock and roll just as much as I did.

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