Sunday, December 9, 2012

farewell, collegiate musings

It's time to bid farewell to my college blog.
It was 2007, I'd never heard of Barack Obama, Brett Favre still played for the Packers and I was tasked with launching my first blog* for a digital media class during my sophomore year of college. I wasn't a stranger to blogging, as I'd spent plenty of time combing music blogs or reading the latest sports rumors on ESPN, but I'd never opened my own blog (unless you want to count the MySpace page I opened my senior year of high school - I don't).
The exercise for my digital media class was assigned to help us understand how to operate a blog, because our faculty leaders in the Journalism department watched employers clamor to find graduates to enhance their online presence. And while blogging for a business wasn't an abstract concept to me, I wasn't sure how I'd populate my own blog. What did I have to say or share that was relevant to me peers? Why were my opinions so important?

My earliest posts were mostly filler assignments (and are long gone from the web), but I started to populate my blog with music videos before the semester was over. Music was the only thing I could think of to post on my blog, because it was the only thing on the web that I was consuming on a daily basis. I wasn't about to start posting my political philosophies or open up my heart to a web of strangers, so posting my favorite music was a logical choice.

My blog was essentially an online bin of my favorite music. This was still an era of Facebook where you didn't post on your own wall, so this was a logical place for me to save my musical interests. So as the semester came and went, I decided to keep the blog and continue to save the music I enjoyed. The occasional post ** or video turned into a daily regimen of new tracks and music videos - a trend I stuck with for almost two years. But as a sunk into my post-graduation, real world schedule, I lost interest in posting every day, mostly because it wasn't natural anymore. Instead of forcing discovery, I abandoned the blog altogether.

But now that I'm four years out of college and 18 months into my new career as a writer for Fresh Produce, I thought it was time for a fresh start on the web. This new blog will be home to a new chapter in my life. I figured if I'm going to attempt to make a living as a writer, I should challenge myself to do a little extra writing in my free time. I'm not sure where this blog will go from here, but hopefully it will challenge me to document the journey.

* The title "Me. My world.", which has sense become my Twitter moniker and Facebook URL, was a product of little imagination. I didn't think my blog would last beyond a semester, so I named the blog after its contents - posts about me and the world around me.
** The occasional post included the entire series of the dating column I wrote for the Collegian my senior year of college.

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